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Justin Bieber Talks Usher, Justin & Crazy Fans

Justin Bieber is currently one of the hottest young artists in the world. The 15 year old has impressed teenage girls the world over and label boss Usher with his soulful voice.
And on his recent trip to the UK MTV grabbed a chat….
MTV: So Justin what can we expect from the album My World?
My World is actually going to be a lot of fun, it was so much fun recording, I think it shows that I was having fun recording it and I think you guys will have fun listening to it. It’s got a kinda r ‘n’ b/pop feel.
Tell us how you got signed and a little about your relationship with Usher?
So, basically I was twelve years old and I was posting videos online just for my friends and family and other people started watching it and I started getting a lot of hits and views
Then a manager contacted me and ended up flying us down to Atlanta where I met Usher and was then flown out to LA and Memphis to meet with Justin Timberlake. We ended up signing with Usher at Island Def Jam.
He’s a great guy just as I met him I actually sang him my own song You Got It Bad. I was a little nervous but it was a lot of fun.
It must have been amazing at twelve, what did you think did you think your whole world was going to change or was it just a bit of a dream?
Well at the time I really didn’t know what was going on, I was kind of like ‘pinch me I’m dreaming!’ It was definitely a big change but I’m having a lot of fun.
Usher starred in the for video One Time…
He didn’t star in it I starred in it! He made a co-appearance, in my video. He wouldn’t star in my video, that wouldn’t make sense right?
What kind of advice has he given you?
Usher gave me a lot of advice and I think the best advice he’s given me is basically just to stay humble through this whole experience.
Now is it true there was a bidding war between Usher and Justin Timberlake?
Well I don’t really know about it all I know is that they were going back and forth. So, basically I think Justin and Usher both wanted to sign me it was kind of like a bidding war, it was kind of like they were in a ring and Usher knocked him out so…
Have you seen J.T. since you decided to go with Usher?
I haven’t seen Justin Timberlake since the whole deal went down but I think he’d have no hard feelings. He seems like a really nice guy, he seems cool.
What’s the craziest fan experience you’ve had?
I had one of here just a few days ago and we were driving and these little girls they were running in front of the vehicles. They nearly got hurt- we were driving and they were still running in front of the vehicle. So that was probably one of the craziest.
Tell us about the accident you had on stage where you were supporting Taylor Swift in the UK, you broke your foot didn’t you?
Yes! I actually broke my foot on stage performing with Taylor Swift I was opening up for her which was a lot of fun- although it definitely wasn’t fun when I broke my foot. I was running down stage and there was a little dip in the stage and I rolled my ankle and broke it and I finished the song but yeah, it was still a great night.
Would you like to work with Taylor in the future maybe have a duet with her or something?
I would love to work with Taylor in the future she’s a great writer, song writer, musician, singer so she’s an all round great person, so I think it would be great.