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Justin Bieber’s Keeping Busying These Days

Justin Bieber sings on Valentine’s Day in Hollywood, at Olympics in Vancouver, in NYC on The View

Music sensation Justin Bieber is headed for Hollywood to woo his loving fans on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2010. Then, this young upstart will appear at the Olympics on screen during opening day as part of the ‘We Are the World’ video debut (Bieber sings the opening line). After that, the 15-year-old will head for New York City to appear on The View, where he’ll perform as well.


Whew! This guy sure gets around.

But back to Valentine’s Day.

Not only will the crowd thrill to the great music from this talented Canadian, but they will also get a chance to visit the iconic Hollywood Palladium where the very likable Bieber will sing such hits as ‘Baby’, ‘One Time’, and ‘One Less Lonely Girl’. Expect plenty of screaming, a trait true to all devoted Bieber fans, for which there are plenty. In fact, the artist spends lots of time on Twitter.com on his account @justinbieber. talking to and with literally millions who like (and even love) the teen star.

Meanwhile, the next formal performance for Justin Biber is being held in a huge venue Hollywood-ites consider a true Los Angeles treasure, done in streamlined Art Deco style and standing on the spot of the original Paramount Studios lot. Opening day at the Palladium was on Halloween in 1940 and the headliner was Frank Sinatra. Not a bad start for this venerable establishment that still pulls in the best talent and the biggest names.

Speaking of: Justin Bieber, the 15-year-old sensation will grace the Hollywood Palladium on the night when sweethearts celebrate. A heartthrob for teens and tweens everywhere, this talented warbler will surely light up this very cool venue in an uplifting way on that special day.

After this stint, look for Justin Bieber on ‘The View’, scheduled for March 16, 2010.

– gather.com