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Ashton Kutcher with Justin Bieber Hair!

Lol. Funny guy. Ashton obviously tried to style it to look like JB.

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  • JB_beiberbaby

    the pic doesnt seem to wanna load lol

  • Anonymous

    try it again. it loads for me. and ashton looks funny.

  • Anonymous

    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it


    Okay I will. Glad you enjoy this post.

  • hey this tasha iam your biggest fan i love your knew hair cut i have a lot of posters of you. You are alsom love tasha

  • bbbbbbbbtttwwww

    ashton kutcher had long hair first

  • max oppermann

    he wrote BEIBER hahahaha it´s BIEBER MAN

  • Anonymous

    he spelt bieber wrong lmao!

  • Anonymous

    he spelt bieber wrong lol

  • Anonymous

    He didnt even write bieber right

  • Lolly_Bieber

    I don’t thing he spelt BIEBER wrong.He did it on purpose.;SSS

  • Anonymous

    finally! 😮
    Ashtons new haircut is faboulus ♥

  • Well look he spelled it BEIBER. omg, man take it easy. its not that hard to spell it. B-I-E-B-E-R !!

  • ;)

    Who cares if he spelled Bieber wrong…he’s not a psychotic fan that obsesses over Justin and the way his name is spelled. It sounds like it should be spelled Beeber anyway.

  • Jake

    I just want that finger or anything similar