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Fans Go Crazy As Justin Bieber Leaves Q102 Radio Station in Philedelphia

Justin Bieber fans go crazy as he leaves the Q102 radio station on 3/8/10. He didn’t even get to see his fans because they all kept pushing. but he did come to the window to blow kisses and say hi 🙂

Oceanup.com adds:

Justin comes out @ 1:30 [Q102 radio station in Philadelphia]. Hopefully no one was injured! From Aleena: Justin came to the window for about 3 minutes signed lots of hearts. When Justin came out I was right in front and it was ridiculous some girl even pulled his hair. I tried to stay back and take pictures. He seems so sweet and kept saying girls please <3

Justin responds on Twitter to people who say he hates Philly because of this:

Dont believe the rumors…I love the fans…and I love Philly!!

Ahhh, another day in the life of Justin Bieber. He’s sooooo famous now.

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