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Full "The Diary of Justin Bieber" on MTV

The Diary of Justin Bieber
watch the Diary

I guess Canada and the rest of the world doesn’t have to wait any longer to watch this. 🙂

Watch the full 4 part video of ‘The Diary of Justin Bieber” here.

Part 1:Justin Bieber Takes You To Paris
The superstar does a private performance, and then a more public
one for the French fans who couldn’t get in.

Part 2: Justin Bieber Visits French Radio Stations
Check out the “really weird” questions they ask the 15-year-old

while he promotes his new album.

Part 3: An Arm Injury Won’t Stop Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber takes the stage for his fans after a minor arm injury.

Part 4: Justin Bieber And His Best Friend Ryan Play Basketball
Back in New York, Bieber makes an amazing shot from half-court while

goofing around with his best friend.

If you have a problem viewing the videos then try here.

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  • Freedni Wowiling

    Hi Justin i from indonesian.
    Follback me on your twitter.
    I love Jb.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Jb I am also a big fan of yours . I want you to visit India and do one show . Just for your fans pls do one show in gurgaon in India

  • Anonymous

    hi justin i realy love you . i’m from malta . over here we realy love at my school there’s like everyone that loves u and we have alot of students can u pls come to malta we love u so much plss come we’ve been asking for you for a long time

  • Anonymous

    can you buy me one supras