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Justin Bieber meeting fans outside the Late Show

International superstar Justin Bieber was more than happy to meet some fans in New York today, as he arrived at the studios for his appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman later tonight (March 23). Justin posed for pictures and signed autographs for his fans, and signed the palm of a man.
Justin is currently promoting his new album My World 2.0, which was released today! Be sure to go out and grab a copy!


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  • Anonymous

    CUTIE!!!! 😀

  • Erina

    Jun30Dori Kellams So often we look only at the negative and not see that sonhteimg is supposed to be encouraging. Some days I feel that everything I do will be just burned up, and there will be nothing left. But as you point out Dan, what will be left is what we have done right. It is the pruning of the bad, including looking at everything negatively, that needs to occur so that we can focus on all that is good. This goes hand in hand with Tom Cain’s post on Facebook, if we focus on the bad that is only what we are aware of. Focus on God and His Son and you will be aware of Them and all the good that there really is.