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Justin Bieber Memorable Fan Encounters

Justin Bieber Memorable FAN EncountersJustin Bieber dished to Tiger Beat about some of his most memorable fan moments: ‘Sometimes I don’t realize that I’m famous, but sometimes it’s like, ‘Wow I can’t believe this is actually happening to me.’ Especially when it comes to my fans. They get crazy! Soemtimes moms are crazier. They’ll be watching me and the moms will run over and say, ‘My daughter really, really loves you.
Can we get a picture?’ One time I was performing at a high school. This one mom drove an hour to get a picture for her daughter, who went to a different school. She was waiting outside with her camera and we were rushing out because kids were rushing to meet me. They were all running after us and this mom was saying, ‘Can I take a picture with you?’ and we were like..

‘You know were are a big rush.’ She tried to jump in the car and was taking pictures of me! We were trying to get out of there and she was standing in front of the car so we couldn’t move and was taking pictures. It was so wild!’Do any of YOU have crazy fan moms?
‘Another crazy story. My friends and I were at this club. I went up to dance with a girl, and her boyfriend dumped her because she danced with me! I heard her in the hall talking to her friend about it. Her friend asked, ‘You danced with him?’ and she was like, ‘He’s a superstar! What do you expect me to do?‘ She got dumped by her boyfriend. Isn’t that sad? She was cute.’