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Justin Bieber Met Cody for a Jimmy Kimmel Live Segment

Monday (March 1) is Justin Bieber’s 16th birthday, but before he opened his own presents, he gave a huge gift to one of his youngest, but most enthusiastic, fans.

Last week, 3-year-old Cody became an Internet sensation when her sister posted a video of her crying over the teen heartthrob on YouTube. In a pretaped segment for Monday night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Bieber came face to face with the toddler. And in a fortunate turn of events, the encounter didn’t make Cody cry at all.

Bieber posted a photo of their meeting and wrote, “Makin faces with Cody, Ciera, and @chynanny325 !! Awesome family and Cody isn’t crying..haha. Happy to surprise them.”

He later tweeted about how much he loved meeting his little fan. “I met Cody. She is even cuter in person,” he wrote in response to Perez Hilton. And he wrote to Joe Jonas that the meeting occurred last Thursday. “Yep, Cody rules. Actually met her yesterday.”

Cody’s older sister, Cheyenne, also wrote about the meeting on the Twitter account she started in response to Cody’s fame. “Hey guys watch us meet Justin on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on Monday night…At midnight… He kissed me BTW… ahhh.”

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