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Contest for Melbourne Beliebers

Who is Justin Bieber? Well, it appears that anyone who doesn’t know the answer to that question is either a very naive dinosaur – or more politely – not a teenager or even younger kid.

The 16-year-old Canadian singer is appearing on Channel Seven’s Sunrise program on April 26, and the Neil Mitchell program is now searching for the biggest ‘most crazy’ Bieber fan so Channel Seven can fly the kid and one parent up to Sydney to meet him.

So, there’s the challenge. Leave your reason why you should be the fan who wins the trip below. You can support your entry with images or video, but please keep the file size of any attachment to under 4mb.

The winner must be a resident of Melbourne and currently living in Melbourne. Email images or video to nmitchell@3aw.com.au.

PLEASE, one entry per person. Thanks.


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  • Molly

    I must admit, at first I wasn’t a belieber, but after his seeing the film clip for his song ‘Pray’, I got bieber Fever!
    He seems like the most geniuine, well-mannered boys I’ve ever seen. Which compared most boys my age is refreshing!
    As I said before, I didn’t used to be a belieber and so I got in too late to get tickets!
    Please pick me! I Love Justin Bieber!

  • Marnie

    As soon as heard his sweet voice melt my ears I was amazed to find out how old Justin was when he first sung “Baby.” As soon as I heard it on the radio I was in love with this guy! I had BIEBER FEVER!!!! Then as it went on the Biebel came round and then… the haters… turned in lovers when I argued and and argued! I am a HUGE Belieber!!!
    Pick Me! Please! I love J Beebs!! 🙂

  • is this competition over yet? if it is then is there another one? i am dying because i really need to meet justin!!! i keep having dreams every night that i meet him somewhere different and we have talked before. is this a sign? does this mean something? or does it just mean i am the craziest belieber out there? cause i know for what i do for him, i think i am.
    i love you justin drew bieber <3 <3 <3 <3
    (ps. follow me on twitter @emmatuccii )

  • tanya

    jb ew jz rckk!!!!!!!!!! m ewr #1 fan……luv ew lyk heck!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 :-*

  • Priscilla

    I would be siked meet Justin. But i’m not insane, so if I don’t no biggie, let another girl have the time of her dreams. Isn’t that every girl’s wish?.. I wanna meet Justin, but im not gunna make a big fuss if I don’t. And if I do, who know’s? At first, I didn’t like him but you can’t judge a book by thier cover, can you? All im saying is i would be really happy to meet him.& Have a wonderful time and a new experience 🙂 ~Pri:))

  • Kristina

    I should be the lucky fan to go meet him because I love him so much I just love his music and if I won this I will be so happy for my dream to come true!!!:) I would love to go meet Justin bieber but I can’t so if this is free and he will come to your house whoever wins (I hope it’s me) then please pick me!!:)

    I love you Justin bieber

  • Kra brittingham

    I was randomly scrolling through YouTube one day and saw the very first video for kidrauhl and once I heard his voice I knew he was going to go somewhere when he was older so I subscribed to him and heard the first songs over and over again and now from one time to drummer boy and now to Believe he has proved he was worth being where he is today most of my house if filled with his posters and quotes from him and me and my friend have made dances to every song he has sung and remember every single word off by heart and for my birthday my friend mum wants to buy us tickets to go to America for his believe tour but I can’t let her do that it’s way to much and I must admit I would love to go but I don’t wanna spend her hard working money I would rather save for meet and greet here but he isn’t coming to Australia till late 2013 or early 2014 I have saved up from the last time he was here because I lined up for 17 hours for tickets and still didn’t get any for both concerts so that’s why I would love these tickets and he also turned me to the lord and I’m loving being a Christian.

    “i’m telling you, people. Everyday we wake up is another blessing. Follow your dreams and don’t let anyone stop you. Never say never.”
    – Justin bieber

  • Tahli Bieber

    Everytime I sign into a chat room online I always put my last name as bieber.I haveventered every australian contest to see and meet the gorgeous boy, but unfortunetly haven’t won any. 🙁 . I have every app and game for Justin and he inspires me to write my own music. I love him that much I once wore a t-shirt to school school saying ‘If your not a bieblier than get lost!’ I then got taken to the principals office for doing that. So please pick me because I am the most biebertastic crazyastic Justin Bieber fan ever!!

  • dannielle

    As soon as i heard jb sing my heart melted and ever since ive been a fan justin has changed my life hes amazing aha i love him with my everything.
    He has shown me that dreams really to come true and too follow your dreams.

  • dannielle

    As soon as i heard jb sing my heart melted and ever since ive been a fan justin has changed my life hes amazing aha i love him with my everything.
    He has shown me that dreams really to come true and too follow your dreams. i think if i ever gor to meet him my life would be complete i have been a fan sinxe aslong as i remember whichsince the begining justin has changed so many gils and boys lifes (mostly girls ahah) IM A MASSIVE FAN AND IT WOULD MEAN SO MUCH TO MEET HIM