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Jessica Jarrell is first opening act for Justin Bieber

JUSTIN BIEBER Jessica Jarrell

Although Justin Bieber didn’t win any of the three Juno Awards he was nominated for on on Saturday night, he’s doing just fine. In fact, it’s friends like singer Jessica Jarrell that keep the 16-year-old pop star in check.

In this exclusive JSYK photo, JB and Jessica stop to pose for a pic while hanging outside of a radio show. This is just a preview of what’s about to come this summer — the two friends will be spending plenty of time together when Jessica joins Justin on his first-ever headlining tour of the U.S. and Canada.

Fans of the Bieb are already familiar with Jessica, whether they know it or not. The 15-year-old L.A.-based R&B singer is the female voice on Justin’s ballad ‘Overboard’ from ‘My World 2.0,’ and the mystery guest he tweeted about before his record was released.

If you love ‘Overboard,’ you can hear more of Jessica’s sweet vocals on her single, ‘Almost Love (24/7),’ which is streaming on her MySpace page now. The song will be exclusively available in Justice’s stores, beginning tomorrow, April 20.