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Justin Bieber and Robert Pattison to duet on "Once Bitten"

Wow! Twilight Mania meets Bieber Mania. This is going to be major! Twilight and Rob have been the biggest thing for teens this last 2 years and Justin is certainly positioned to take over the reign. And now a collaboration between the two hottest guys at the moment is in the works. I’m gonna faint. I am really excited about this news. Can’t wait until this comes out.

Exciting news for all Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson fans!

The One Time singer has asked Twilight actor Robert Pattinson to duet with him on a new song for the Eclipse soundtrack.
As you all know Rob is musically gifted too and jumped at the chance to duet with teen singing sensation, Justin.

The pair will collaborate on the song, Once Bitten, written for the soundtrack by Justin’s mentor, Usher and there’s no doubt fans will be gagging to hear the tune.


Update: This story has turned out to be false as I have checked the Eclipse track list and this song is not in there. 🙁

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  • beatrice

    omg thats amazing 😀 can't wait to hear it!

  • caseyyy

    wtf! i just read this. hahahahaa. omfg this is amazing. when is it coming out? hahaahah im so late .__.