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Justin Bieber gushes Canadian pride ahead of Junos

Sixteen year old Justin Bieber is in his native Canada this weekend for the annual Juno Awards. Sunday night’s award show will celebrate the success of Canadian artists and bands.

Bieber, who has shot to international fame over the last year, is up for three Junos. He’s nominted in the Album of the Year and Pop Album of the Year categories for his debut album “My World,” he’s also received a Juno nomination for New Artist of the Year.

While mostly calling the U.S. home since he was discovered on YouTube, the teen pop sensation says he couldn’t be prouder to be Canadian. “Hello Newfoundland….Junos this weekend!! Proud to be Canadian,” Bieber tweeted today. The sixteen year old also took to Facebook today (Saturday) to show his appreciation for just how far he’s come since his days playing on Canada’s streets. “I started busking and now I am going to the Juno Awards.” Bieber writes. “U.S. I love you but dreams come true in Canada too. lol. I’m living the Canadian dream this weekend.


JBShrine is proud to be Canadian too and proud of Justin for his accomplishments. All Canadian Beliebers make sure to tune into CTV tomorrow to watch Justin win his first ever music award and make his acceptance speech. So proud right now.

Canadians might remember a time when we didn’t have to share him with the world…..