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Justin Bieber learns Japanese to hit on the FanGirls


The Biebster has a secret strategy for keeping his game intact while visiting non-English speaking countries: learn key seduction phrases!

Justin Bieber is one smart cookie. In order to hit on girls around the world while promoting his new album My World 2.0, the teen singing sensation is learning key phrases so nothing will get in the way of his dating game! In fact, it looks like the 16-year-old has already learned Japanese!

“ 私はあなたの電話番号を有してもいいか。-That is “Can I have your phone number?” This line is very important to me while traveling this country. Lol,” Justin wrote on his Twitter page April 21.

Atta boy, JB! Way to have a port in every storm! Let’s just hope you’ve learned the Japanese number characters so you can give whatever girl you meet a call!

But Justin hasn’t JUST been looking for ladies while promoting in Japan. He and manager Scooter Braun also managed to squeeze in some sightseeing — and had a terrifyingly exciting run-in along the way.

“Breaking the rules in japan… I almost got attached by ninjas.. It was awesome!” the young singer — who will accept HollywoodLife.com’s Newcomer of the Year Young Hollywood Award on May 13 — tweeted.

A bad boy who breaks the rules AND (kind of) speaks a foreign language? No wonder the ladies are throwing themselves at the Biebster!