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Justin Bieber might make his acting debut on SNL

When Tina Fey hosts Saturday Night Live this weekend, her 4-year-old daughter Alice will get to say “hello” to Justin Bieber, who is slated to perform on the show.

“My little daughter will probably like him,” the actress, 39, says during her Date Night premiere held Tuesday at NYC’s Ziegfeld Theater. “I’m going to bring her to the set.”

Still, the perk doesn’t make her the coolest aunt in town.

“I only have a nephew, so I think if I had nieces, they would be more excited. He’s adorable.”

According to Tina, Justin may appear in a few skits, but she hasn’t yet asked him to make an acting debut on the show.

“I met him really quickly at the Kids’ Choice Awards,” she says. “He’s a really nice guy. I really like people who can really, really sing and really play their instruments. I’m excited to see him on the show.”