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Who is Canada’s Best New Artist?

Justin Bieber

Being a proud Canadian, I can’t be any happier that Drake and the Biebz is taking the music world by storm. They both are blowing up internationally right now but come April 18, they’ll be coming home to Canada to celebrate the 2010 Juno Awards and hopefully take home an award, or two, or maybe 3?

Justin is nominated for Album of the Year, Pop Album of the Year (for My World) and New Artist of the Year where he is up against Drake. Could this be the very first of many awards for Justin’s long musical career? I certainly hope so. Justin loves Canada and there is no better place for him to win his first award than at home.

Justin Bieber

About the artist: This 16-year-old pop/R&B singer-songwriter sensation from Stratford, Ont., first got noticed on YouTube, before being signed by R&B sensation Usher. His chart-topping debut album My World was released in 2009 and went platinum in the U.S. and Canada.

What the artist said: “I would always just sing around the house and play instruments, but I never tried to get famous,” Bieber told the Toronto Star.

What the critic said: “Those who dismiss Bieber out of hand are missing out on a seriously good pop record, one that mines vintage teen-pop themes but plays like a primer on 2010-model bubblegum.”

— Rolling Stone


About the artist: Since last year’s release of his hit mixtape So Far Gone, Toronto actor-turned-rapper Aubrey “Drake” Graham has quickly risen to hip-hop stardom, collaborating with the likes of Eminem, Kanye West and Jay-Z. We’re still waiting for his debut album Thank Me Later.

What the artist said: “I make music for people to get lost in, so as long as it takes you somewhere, then I’ve succeeded,” Drake told Billboard magazine.

What the critic said: “That the memorable, constantly surprising lyrics and smooth flow are laid on top of the rich productions and sticky hooks means that there are some jams here that will put the competition on their heels.”

— All Music Guide

Will you be watching the Junos and hopefully witness Justin win an award and make his acceptance speech? It will hopefully go something like this:

“First and foremost I would like to thank JBShrine for making this all possible….” haahaha 😛