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Justin Bieber’s Marc Jacobs 309/S metal aviator sunglasses

Justin Bieber aviator sunglasses

Justin Bieber models off a pair of yellow-rimed sunglasses as he prepares for his jump at Auckland Bridge Bungy, Westhaven Marina in Auckland, New Zealand late last month.

The 16-year-old musician stopped by the Beverly Center Solstice Sunglass Boutique store in Los Angeles on Thursday night (May 6).

JustJaredJr.com sources tell us that Justin “came in with one of his friends and his bodyguard and was wearing red plaid pants, white tee and a Yankee cap. They were all really relaxed joking around looking at Carreras — specifically at the white pair his bodyguard purchased the day before.”

Our insider tells us that Justin ultimately purchased the Marc Jacobs 309/S metal aviator sunglasses because he didn’t want to “copy his bodyguard’s vibe.”

Justin had a group of girls following him and asking for pictures, but his bodyguard kept them out of the store. Surprisingly, no paparazzi were in tow!

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  • markw94404

    I am confused, I see no glasses. And how can a private bodyguard keep anybody from going into a store? If he touched me I would have sued him.