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Ok, the NEVER SAY NEVER song is great and the video is well… pretty good. But the better music video will be coming up in two weeks.

The first time I listened to MY WORLD 2.0 the song that stood out to me most was SOMEBODY TO LOVE. It is fun, up-tempo, and one that people can dance to. And dancing is exactly what Justin and his management wants you to do when you watch the new video. That is why they have hired a lot of professional dancers for the upcoming music video.

So today, I will introduce you to all the dance crews that you will see in that video. There are 4 in total.

The first group is Poreotics (Poreotix). Yesterday I showed you the the videos of them messing around with JB. Now watch them in action in season 5 of America’s Best Dance Crew where they beat out all the other dance groups to take home the title.

This gives you an idea of what you should expect in the SOMEBODY TO LOVE music video.And let me tell you, there are going to be a lot of Asians in that video which I think is totally awesome.  It’s going to be the best video ever. Even better than BABY. That’s why Justin keeps tweeting about how awesome it’s going to be..
Next up: Beat Freaks. An all girl dance crew.

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  • Anonymous

    they are awesome

  • hey justin my lil sister is a big fan i mean big and no she does not like selena gomez,but she still likes yu and yu are inspier to her..thnx for everything yu do !