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Did Justin Bieber steal NEVER SAY NEVER from Travis Garland?

The simple answer is NO.


Travis Garland’s SEXY TOGETHER (Demo):

This happens all the time in the music industry. When a song is made it gets shopped around. If an artist likes it then they record what’s called a demo to see what they sound like singing the song and whether they want to do the song. If they don’t like it then the people who made the song will try sell it to another artist.

Here is a good example. Lady Gaga started off writing songs for other people before she became famous. One of the people she writes for is Britney Spears. She originally wrote TELEPHONE for Brit but after doing a demo of it, Brit passed on the song. Here is Britney’s very early demo of TELEPHONE.

Since Brit passed on the song, Lady Gaga used it on her album instead and got Beyonce to join her:

The same thing with SOMEBODY TO LOVE. Usher made a demo of it first:

but end up thinking it would be a better song for Justin to do so therefore Justin ended up recording it.

So no, Justin didn’t steal or copy from Travis Garland. Travis just happened to do an early demo of it first.

Justin did a better job on both songs don’t you think?

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  • Anonymous

    wow your good

  • beatrice

    yeeah he did 😉 love ur blog!

  • zarah

    …justin did a way better job!!!!…bieber all the way!!!

  • Anonymous

    no he didn't.

  • Anonymous

    Travis Garland Better THan little Justin.

  • Anonymous

    awww…i actually think both version is very good, but i love Travis's version better <3

  • Innocent

    Bieber all the way halla