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Fun Facts about Justin Bieber’s My World Tour

Justin Bieber kicks off his sold-out headlining tour “My World” on June 23, in Hartford, CT. Catch the Bieber fever with these fun facts about the tour!


– 10, 000 fries are consumed in one day.
– 75 Starbucks drinks are consumed in one day.
– Pre-show snack favorites include Sour Patch Kids and Gummy Worms.
– Dancers burn over 6,000 calories a show, EACH!


– 30 miles of cable are used in the show.
– 30 towels are used onstage for each show.
– 20 rolls of electrical tape are used in a day (1,110 yards of tape or 3,330 feet).
– 48,600 feet of gaffer’s tape will be used for the tour.
– 9 trucks are used to carry all equipment.
– 11 buses are used for all personnel.
– 32 tons/64,000 pounds of equipment are on the set.
– Over 500 cases are used for equipment.


– 75 hats are brought on tour by the dancers alone.
– Each dancer has their own hat case.

Stage Props

– 1 million pieces of confetti are used for each show.
– 10 disco balls fit in the “My World” globe.
– The metal heart prop weighs over 400 pounds.
– Highest in-air stunts are performed at 30 feet off the ground.


– 20 guitars will be used for the tour.
– 2-3,000 custom guitar picks will be used for the tour.
– 120 strings are used per week to restring the guitars.
– 15 drums are on stage each show.
– 14 sticks a week are used by drummer.


– On-Tour Video Game Favorites include the XBOX360 console and games include “Call of Duty-Modern Warfare,” “NBA2K10,” and “Madden.”


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  • Laurel Murray

    Justin i <3 u!!!!:)

    • ashley2625

      hi justin u are a cheater and selena is gonna find out soon i hope she reads this oh and tell her that u are dating taylor swift i hate you im not your big fan! (s)

  • Destiny

    wow justin i love u with all my heart i will jump in front of a bullet for you i hope u realize how much ur fans love u and will do any thing to save from anyone or anything because u are ours only u belong to us thats all u need in ur life is ur family and fans and i have a question to ask u why are u dating selena gomez ur just breaking our hearts even more ur really breaking my heart right now soon as i heared u guys were dating i ran in my room and started screaming and crying ur really brokemy heart u guys both said u guys weren’t dating im hurt really bad but i steel and will allways ♥ you because an angel sent from heaven to make our eyes water and scream…. i love u soo much it’s making my mine go crazy i have to meet u♥

  • i love you so much i was wonding if you would give use tickets for yuorr nex concert and so i can meet you in person i think you r the most good singer ever and i now your songs very well i love the song named love me and next to you and one time
    love teresa

  • keona sanders

    justin i am a huge fan and i have never been to any of ur concerts so i was wondering can u give me tickets and ur cell phone number

    • Anonymous

      not gonna happen

    • arleny2424

      dear justin bieber i think u are a very good singer and u are cute but i want to know why people say u are cheating on selena gomez with taylor swift i say that is a lie but everybody says is true

    • Anonymous

      So u rly think he’s gonna give u his cell phone number ? Just like that ? Lol

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