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His Parent’s Nasty Custody Battle over Justin Bieber

Star Magazine suggests that Justin’s parent’s relationship might not be so great. This was especially true when, while Justin was just 2 months old, his parents went through a bitter custody battle to gain control over him.

His Parents Nasty Custody Battle over Justin Bieber

Flirting with Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live or talking about his crush on Beyoncé, Justin Bieber is loving his moment in the spotlight. But it hasn’t always been good times for the Canadian singer and his family!

In the June 14 issue of Star, which is on sale now, we report that Justin’s parents — Pattie Mallette and Jeremy Bieber — were embroiled in a vicious custody battle over him when he was just a baby.

According to legal papers obtained exclusively by Star, Pattie — who was just 17 when she became pregnant — and Jeremy, then 19, attempted to live together when Justin was 2 months old, “but ultimately those efforts failed” after four months, she said. A nasty custody battle followed — in which Pattie laid bare what she claimed were Jeremy’s demons, including his history of “criminal activity.” Local records show that Jeremy has had multiple arrests and jail time for “assault causing bodily harm” and “breach of probation.”

Pattie was given custody in May 1995 and allowed Jeremy time with their son. But when he went to court in December 1996 to ask for increased visitation and overnight stays with Justin, Pattie went on the offensive. Overnight visitation was “inappropriate,” she alleged in the court papers, because Jeremy was dealing with “uncontrolled violent behavior” and “alcohol and drug abuse.”

Wonder if their bad relationship has shaped who he is. It’s kinda sad.

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  • Anonymous

    omg his dad was in jail?! :O 🙁 thats very chocking… :/ it must have been so hard for pattie

  • Anonymous

    please remember that his dad and him get on very well and travels with him many times now 🙂

  • alex

    his father is a loving family guy

  • Anonymous

    Aww, poor justin!!!! I feel so bad for him, especially because he was so young at the time!!!! 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Most of this seems exaggerated, and the fact its from the star doesnt help. They make up alot of crap just to make profit, soon enough this will spread around and then one of Justin's family members will see it and then they'll prob comment on it too. But i hope no one actually says this directly to Jeremy because that would be out of order. BTW. THE JUSTIN BIEBER SHRINE is the BEST SOURCE EVER!! And i cant believe the -copiers- got notice by Justin when all they do is copy from u.