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Justin Bieber affected by his parents’ divorce

Justin Bieber Song About Parents Divorce

Justin Bieber chatted with TWIST about the intense emotions he went through when his parents divorced: ‘My parents splitting up is definitely not one of the highlights of my life. It’s sad, (in a divorce) the kid experiences feeling like one of his parents left. It makes you not feel so good.’

Justin felt abandoned when his dad moved out but as he grew up, he was able to let out all his pent up emotions through songs: ‘The most personal song I’ve written is ‘Down to Earth’ because it’s about how my mom and dad split up when I was at a young age. It’s just about everyday life and how there are struggles.’

Now Justin’s shared his song, he’s come to accept his parents’ separation: ‘I think a lot of kids have had their parents split up, and they should know that it wasn’t because of something they did.’


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  • i <3 justin bieber!!!!! <3_<3 *_*

    • Anonymous

      I love him also

  • *justin bieber*

  • claudia

    Justin like love

    • ue just killed it get a life justin dont want ue so go along ue white siing =)

  • Alicia

    I love justin so much I wish I could get tickets to his concerts

  • anisha guggal

    Justin bieber is good.i likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee him very much but i dont think that his parents should be separated.

  • jillian

    awww he is sooo cute!!!!