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Justin Bieber: Seventeen Magazine Cover Boy

Justin Bieber is a Seventeen Stud

Justin Bieber keeps it cool on the cover of Seventeen magazine.

The 16-year-old musician dished backstage at his photo shoot about what he’s thinking about on stage, the social networking game and the highlight of his year. Check it:

On what he’s really thinking about on stage:
“I’m always thinking of the fans and wanting to show them a little love and support.”

On the most exciting thing that’s happened this year:
“I performed for President Obama. That was amazing. I really liked that.”

On advice for a first date:
“A bad first date would be to the movies. You can’t talk to the girl and get to know her. But it is good to dinner. That way you do get to talk to her.”


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  • Anonymous

    i need that magazine!

  • lovemcgarry09

    omg where can we get that magazinee!?