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Pattie Lynn Mallette turns down Playboy offer because she’s a Christian

Pattie Lynn Mallette turns down Playboy offer because she's a Christian

Just like I said, she’s a Christian….

Justin Bieber’s mom won’t pose for Playboy despite $50,000 offer, says against religious beliefs

On Friday, a legal representative for Justin Bieber said the teen heartthrob’s mother, Patricia Mallette won’t be taking off her clothes for Playboy magazine.

Ravi Batra told Radar Online “While natures beauty in any form is worthy of appreciation, Justin’s mom Patricia is a born again Christian.”

He added “There is no truth that she would ever pose in Playboy, as it goes against her religion.”

Radar had reported prior that Mallette had been offered $50,000 to appear topless in an upcoming issue of the magazine.


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