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Brenda Song and Justin Bieber To Star In A Commercial

Teen sensations Brenda Song and Justin Bieber have reportedly inked a major endorsement deal with an upcoming candy in the works.

The candy the sensational young stars have supposedly agreed to endorse is the tentatively titled, Vuvuzela Balls, which is yet to be released.

The candy is set to be distributed by the popular German confectionery producer, Haribo. In addition, the candy brand’s name is not set in stone according to recent reports from the company.

The candy is developed by Hans Von Stuppenhauser, a German candy confectioner. Stuppernhauser is reportedly developing the candy to attract children and the pre-teenage market, which Bieber and Song are immensely popular in. The product Stuppenhauser is creating is set to become a major Haribo product and will have numerous new flavours.

Bieber and Song will appear in a worlwide campaign for Haribo’s upcoming candy. Song, the star of Disney’s hugely popular The Suite Life on Deck and Bieber, the popular 16-year-old pop singer, are both obliged to appear in commercial spots for Haribo together. Moreover, the American sensations will be paid millions for the high profiled endorsement deal with Maribo.


Even though this is coming from the Examiner, I’m pretty sure this story is not try. This story was originally posted a while ago on a website that is known for making up fake stories. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.