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Lady Gaga fans livid that BABY will overtake BAD ROMANCE

Earlier today Justin Bieber’s “Baby” music video featuring Ludacris overtook Lady GaGa’s “Bad Romance” to become the all time most viewed video on Youtube. Before long, Lady GaGa fans went on the offensive and pushed her back into the number one position. GaGa’s little monsters have also defaced the comments section on Justin Bieber’s video. You’ll have to go there to see it for yourself, many of the comments are too explicit to repeat here. The general theme seems to be that Justin Bieber is a talentless homosexual.

At the time of writing, Lady GaGa’s video had 245,092,155 views. Bieber’s “Baby” video had a pathetic 245,074,968 views. If you want to participate in the battle for #1, then watch the videos below. One helpful Lady GaGa fan suggests “if you ever get tired of watching just mute it and keep refreshing while you do other things :)”