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Now Do They Have To Go There?!?

I came across a stalkerish amateur video taken by someone who happened to drive by Pinkberry in LA while JB was there with Kim Kardashian. That’s not a big deal but what is is the fact that stupid websites like this one keep trying to taunt his fans. This time by not only asking us when we think they will finally kiss with tongues, but by also referring to Beliebers as bat-shit-crazy.

The last time 29-year-old Kim Kardashian took 16-year-old Justin Bieber on a date she ended up getting inundated with death threats – via Twitter obviously – from the tween sensation’s bat-shit crazy adoring fans.

Oddly enough though the experience didn’t seem to deter Kim from going on another “date” (yeah we’re not sure what they do when they go out together either) with Bieber again; earlier this week the pair were spotted enjoying a cosy outing at Pinkberry in LA. How many dates before he finally gets a kiss with tongues we wonder?