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Sexy Justin Bieber shows off 6-pack abs!

OMG Yes! Finally!

Something’s telling me that we’re going to be seeing a lot more
six pack shirtless pictures/videos of JB in the near future.
Let’s hope this is an extremely hot summer.

justin bieber abs

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  • Anonymous

    so hot! i died

  • Anonymous

    OMFG thats so sexy that my twitte icon lmaoo…he so hot n sexxy damn 🙂

  • BieberLoverr3194


  • Negin

    DAAAAWWWMMNN biebergasm 😉

  • Anonymous

    ahhh HE IS SO SEXY!! <3 "you are so beautiful" HAHA HE IS SUCH A FLIRT! urrggg GETT IN MY PANTS NoWWW!!! (;

  • Kira Cook

    Mhmm i want him, he is so sexy, i love u JSUTIN!!!

  • Anonymous

    i think hes k but he just shows off alot and jasmine v is just using him so if da dude is clever then he will do wat is ryt and hes way acting like usher u must get ur one movies then u will mybe make me like u but 4 now i think u r not cool jaden smith is even cooler than u cum up with ur own style k cool!peace

  • Anonymous

    Lookit dat. Saggin like a wannabe rapper.

  • i want him so badddd!!!he is so damn sexy!!

  • Anonymous

    i wanna make him cum all over that six pack

  • Steven

    Dammmmm I would give him one in the arse

  • Samira urrutia

    I love you(;