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Scooter gives fans free concert tickets

From Susana:

Justin Bieber’s Manager Scooter gave us tickets to Justin’s SOLD OUT show on July 20, 2010 BEST DAY EVER! They were outside of his tour bus wearing Superman shirts. Video of what happened under.


'We Got Free Justin Bieber Concert Tix!' 'We Got Free Justin Bieber Concert Tix!' 'We Got Free Justin Bieber Concert Tix!' 'We Got Free Justin Bieber Concert Tix!' 'We Got Free Justin Bieber Concert Tix!' 'We Got Free Justin Bieber Concert Tix!'

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  • Alexus

    Hey justin how r u i really want to win ti,kets to ur concert i will fly anywere to see u im 15 and i have a 14 ,year old cuzin that really want to come to one of your concerts but i reall need to see you u are so.hot love and hugs and kisses

    • jems

      Justin i would really love to win tickets to your concert i had always dreamt of going to your concerts but my parents cant aford it i love you so much jb <3

    • alisha

      thats so nice i would like to see him 2 i dont think hes hot though i think hes a normal teenage boy that really talented with lots of money and all girls love him

  • hola soy antonia porfavoe necesito ganarme 2 entradas porfavorrrr te he estado esperando por mas de 5 años porfavor las necesito

    gracias por tu atension
    saludos a justin

  • hola soia antonia porfavor necesito ganarme 2 entradas porfavoe te he estdo esperando por mas de 5 años porfavor las necesito
    gracias por tu atencsion
    saludos a justin

  • louisa

    hello Justin
    i love you and your amazingly talanted and i tweet you on twitter, and i really want to win tickets, and i would love to meet you, it would make my life, it would just make my dream come true, it would be amazingg! iloveyou justin bieber <3

  • sara gomez

    hello Justin,
    How are you and i am one of your fan for 2 years and your song made me cry and i love it!!! and hope you have a wonderful day.. have a great day.

    By, Sara Gomez

  • ummmm……. yall needa concert in north carolina like raleigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pleaxxxzzzzeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • coralxx

    he is not going to answer you the best thing is to tweet him sometimes answers to people xx has my friend before xx

  • Ellie

    Its really not fair sometimes people win tickets for things concerts basically the people who give the tickets to them just choose out of the blue but i really want to see Justin Bieber live i haven’t really ever been to a concert that ive ever really enjoyed but if you really listen i would love this chance to be given tickets so please can someone help me thank-you xxx

  • aleyna

    love you justin so much

  • shaima bieber

    justin bieber is mine for ever

  • Nicole

    i really want to win justin bieber tickets more than anything in the world. I live him so much and he is an inspiration! I really want to win tickets and as a have learned from justin, Never Say Never!

  • shaleya

    hi justin bieber i really hope i win free tickets to your concert really bad i have a 10 year old cousin who really loves you and i hope i get to go to your concert when your tour starts i never been to one of your concerts before so i hope i win and i luv your song never say never and love me and mistletoe…………..!<3

  • Veronica

    Heyy Justin this is Veronica, I am a super big fan of u like I legit Luv u ! I am dying to meet you or at least go to ur concert. You dont even believe how much im dying to see u! Like whenever I listen to ur voice or something i almost cry.. ya idk y :$ I am sooo ADDICTED to ur music lol. My dream is one important thing: to meet you i just hope this happens and btw I luv to sing and I really have a good voice and in the future i am looking forward to maybe singing:D
    Thankk uu. Peace:D You have honestly chnged alot in my life with all the words in ur songs, ur amazing JUSTIN:D Thankk u for reading thiss.


  • Izzy

    Hiya I love Justin bieber more than the world I think I am his biggest fan when people say things about him in school I always stick up for him I have loved Justin bieber for ever everything I own is either pink or says I love Justin bieber I am your biggest fan I love you Justin bieber xxxxx

  • diana

    Hey Justin my biggest dream is to see u i love u so much and i love #teambieber plz follow me on twitter @ddianajb i believe that someday u will notice me i really want to win these tickets so plz make my dream come true
    Thank you your my biggest inspiration forever belieber

  • I passed out and then my dad had to drag me in the car and in my house then in my room. I have always had bieber fever he is so hot and awsome . I cant belive people think hes a girl there all dorks his hair is fine hes better then taylor lotner . I love him so VERY VERY VERY VERY MUCH PS LOVE JAYDEN RAIN BREWER

  • hey justin how can i win your ticktes can u hlep piz………?

  • Alaira smith

    Hi scooter i would love to win jb tickets you guys are so awesome for giving away jb tickets thanxs love to

  • Elizabeth Falle

    I cant believe i’m doing this but here i am, trying to win a pair of justin bieber tickets…i’ve never went to one of his shows…but i love Justin Bieber to death … i would do anything to get a pair of ticket.Since my family is on a tight budget, i practicly have no choice then winning them ! I would also want to mension that his show, in Montreal (Nov. 26) is ON MY BIRTHDAY !!!
    thanks! -xox-
    Elizabeth ♥

  • Samantha

    Hi, I’m Sami & I’m 10 years old. I am really sad because about an hour ago I was in my room listening to the radio & it said, ” Hey do you want free Justin Bieber tickets? Well then just TEXT……….” & I was soooooo sad because a week ago I was in a bike accident & my phone broke because it flew out of my pocket and shattered. I started crying. I wanted the tickets so bad I went down stairs and told my mom on September 29th we need to go in the concert parking lot so that Scooter might give us tickets. I hope that Jb’s manager or somebody reads this so I can get tickets. Please feel free to e-mail me! Oh ya and by the way I like Justin bieber for himself and not just the looks! 🙂

  • Colette

    I really really want to win tickets to your show. Your such a good artist and i knew this even before you became famous. What happend to you is exactly what i wish will happen to me, well my dream. But i know fans say this alot but you are my inspiration .It would mean the world to me! There are alot of people who want them but hey, I could be lucky right? Your so awesome and your songs i cant get out of my head for like months..yes that means singing in the shower…i really really want to win tickets! i would say love your number one fan but everyone says that sooo….love from your original fan!

  • jasmine demeza

    Hey i really want to win ur tckets cause i never win much stuff sooo hope this will help me finally win something big lol hopefully

  • Marisa DiMartino

    Hi Scooter and Justin,

    I hope you’re having a great day! I’m requesting free tickets to any NY venue because my twin daughters love your (Justin) music and have never been to a concert before. As a single mom it’s extremely difficult for me financially to get them because unfortunately the business of ticket selling has become increasingly disgusting. Seats are selling for up to $13,000.00! That should never be allowed! Consequently, I don’t even have $100.00 to pay for a ticket. Can you find it in your heart to give me a few free tickets? I know it would make my girls dream come true. BTW, I would love to see it too. I really enjoy your music.
    Have a great day and a great tour!

  • Melina

    Hi i really want justin bieber concert tickets because i love u nd ur music i love und im ur biggest fan i would love to be the one less lonely girl but lets worry about tickets first i dont have enough money to buy tickets so i was hoping i could get lucky with this cuz i want to go bad!!!!! plz plz plz plz plz plz plz justin give me tickets

  • Dezirae

    Hi Justin,
    My daughter she’s 13 and she is a HUGE fan! We don’t have the money right now and she will be heart broken if she can’t go and see u because last time she didn’t. So this would be her second time not seeing u! But she is on love with u! Her whole room is filled with u! And she has ur perfume and ur book. And just everything about u she knows. She took a quiz on her iPod and she got 100! And she is ur number 1 fan! She would flip out if she got to meet u! So plz help me out to win tickets! 😀 and she starting to sing cuz of u! She wants to go get famous like u! And she wants a camera so she can record herself so she can put it on YouTube like u did! 🙂

  • single mama

    I know this is a long shot but my daughter would love to see Justin in concert. I am a correctional officer in indiana. I am a single mommy who life long dream is to take her to concert. So please help i would be forever greatful. New castle indiana

  • Jean

    Hi Justin, I don’t know if you will see this or not but I am hoping you do. I went to buy 2 tickets to take my daughter to your concert on Nov 5th and they told my daughter they had one set of 2 seats together left. I got there about 10 minutes later to buy them and they were gone! She has been crying hysterically ever since then. She is 12 years old and absolutely loves you! She is such a fan of yours and it breaks my heart that I didn’t get there in time to get your tickets. I hate to see her so upset over it! I am a single mom raising three kids alone and I have a disability…I could only pray that maybe, just maybe there would be a chance for her see you in concert! Her room is covered in your posters and she has one of your dolls! She just loves you so much that it would mean the world for her to be able to see you live in concert! Please, Please, Please make my daughters dream come true and let her be able to see your concert…We really, really need tickets! She thinks it’s the end of her world cause she doesn’t have tickets to see you! Thanks for at least taking the time to read this!

    • Anonymous

      i loooooooooooooooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou

  • Anonymous

    hi i’m Aracely and justin’s #1 FAN and i really hope to get free jb tickets my biggest wish is to actually meet justin bieber and give him a BIG hug.Justin Bieber is my number 1 thing in my life.I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER WTH ALL MY HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I will never give up justin bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    My daughter who is 10 years old and is handicapped loves Justin Bieber!! She started singing because of him and is such an inspiration for her. Thank you for your kindness to your fans and especially the music!! Madison would LOVE a chance to MEET Justin Bieber, it really would be a life changing moment for her!!

  • jasmine

    can i some tikets me and my friend want them soo bad 🙁 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz we have da bieber fever (: <3

  • faith witherspoon

    Hey Justin 🙂 My Name Is Faith And Im 12 Years and I Really Like Your Music And I Just Like How You Put Your Self Out There. I Really Wanna Win Tickets To See You (: Seeing You Is My Dream. You Inspire Me To Help The World And Do Good Things. Sometimes I Cry Because Lots Of Other People Can See You But I Cant:( Sometimes I Feel Like Your The Only One That Can Brighten Up My Day And Make Me Feel Better. I Really Wanna See You:) You Would Make My All Of My Dreams Come True…I Love You <3

  • chassidy vasquez

    hi i want to go to win ur tickets because u r a good good singer an i like u an im only 11 an i want to go to your concert for my 11th b-day <3

  • dee dee love

    remember me from facebook please give me a ticket for a concert and a backstage pass i have never ever been to a concert i wanna see how it is PPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE

  • dee dee love


  • dee dee love

    its me from facebook

  • Queanne

    JUSTINDREWBIEBER <3 ,You are my everthing ,My insperation .Love you too much and always have since the start .I would do anything to see or meet u . LOVEYOU <3

  • crysta

    hello I’m crysta. I’m a big fan of you, and I really want to know how can I win tickets because I can not buy too expensive for me. bay kiss crysta

    • crysta

      I live in belgium.
      why do not you show in forest Nasional.
      das much closer to my home

  • autumn

    I love your music i wish i could win tickets to JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!! i would freak out it would be life changing to go to one of his concerts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Adeline Cobb

    Hi if you see this message I want my first concert to be justin bieber’s.

  • Crystal

    Hi I’m crystal I’m 18 and my cousin just turned 15 the other day. Money is tight we’ve all been strugglingand she didn’t get much for her birthday and the money she did get she ended up giving it to her mom to buy things for the house. She’s always there for me and she’s such a goofball, she’s in love with Justin bieber I would love soooooo much to be able to win her or us tickets. She’s like my best friend and I want to do this for her so badly. I’ve been trying to win tickets on the radio but no luck so I’m trying everything.

  • Drew Jazmyn Minika

    hi my name is Drew Jazmyn Minika and i really loovvee JUSTIN BIEBER . i would really love to win JB consert tickets and i am 13 years old . LOVE YOU JUSTIN. : – )