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Creative New Zealand Beliebers Wins Meet & Greet

Tori Sussex, left, and Silvia Salinas will be the envy of teenage girls everywhere when they get to meet Justin Bieber.
Silvia Salinas and Tori Sussex would be at the top of the class if Justin Bieber was a school subject

Both girls are huge fans of the Canadian teen pop sensation. So they’re rapt beyond belief to hear they’re going to meet him in New York.

The year 9 pupils won a photo competition run to promote the launch of a new fruit drink. Silvia, who lives at West Harbour, roped in Tori, to help decorate her mum’s car with Bieber pictures. The pair also designed outfits using drink cans as part of the contest and posed with both to create their winning picture.
Both “went crazy” when they learned they had won.

“I didn’t believe Silvia when she called me and told me,” Tori says. “It’s taking a while to sink in – we still can’t believe we’re actually going.”

Silvia, who attends Carmel College, is reminded of the trip every time she sees Bieber on TV or hears him on the radio.

The girls like “everything” about their idol. “His looks, his talent, his personality – and he’s got cool hair,” Silvia says.

Silvia, whose Facebook profile photo has her holding a Justin Bieber CD, says lots of girls have been congratulating her on the social network site but some have sent nasty messages.

Both girls became friends through their love of Bieber and still can’t believe they are actually going to meet their crush in a month’s time.

They leave for New York on August 30 with their mums and will stay five nights in a hotel.

Each will get to attend Bieber’s concert and meet him afterwards.


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  • Rachel G.

    awesome i love jb i wish i won that i luv u JB im the first to comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • summer.k.

    i loveeeeeeeeeeee jb! he is sooo hot i wish i knew about it! 🙁
    anywayzz i love nearly every thing about justin bieber yeah!!

  • JS belieber

    Its Amazing… I love it 🙂 I hope I have a car like that lo 😀 love u LOTS!!