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Hip-Hop Heads Weigh In On Kayne Raekwon Collabo

Hip-hop heads, DJs and fans alike are buzzing about the Kanye West/Justin Bieber/Raekwon collabo.

According to Rae himself, ‘Ye and Bieber are currently en route to New York to make good on this weekend’s Twitter love fest.

“Yall asked for it now we’re gonna deliver,” the Chef tweeted.

DJ Scream of Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 (and the region’s elite mixtape DJ) thinks that the collaboration could be huge.

“Even if it’s the wackest record ever created, it’s still a big record because you got the biggest pop star out right now, a hip-hop legend and a current hip-hop superstar. So you gotta at least give it a chance people. It could be the next big pop hit or it could be just a conversation piece.”

He added, “I understand where the hip-hop purists might be coming from and I can imagine what their comments are. I wasn’t a big fan of the Kanye, Beyonce and Charlie Wilson record, but let’s hear it and if it’s garbage, then let’s talk about it then, but let them work.”

Music journo Jozen Cummings calls the potential jam “a great look for music as a whole.”

“Today’s fan isn’t as concerned about genres as they are about acts. As artists, they should be free to do what they want,” he said.

But he’s still hoping that the song actually makes sense musically.

“I hope it sounds like something only Raekwon, Kanye, and Bieber can do. The last thing I want to hear is a verse from ‘Ye, a verse from Rae, and Justin on the hook with a bridge. Any two rappers and a singer can do that. They need to make sure the song sounds as unique and different in the studio as it does on paper.”

New York Hot 97’s DJ Bobby Trends says “I can see myself playing it on the radio…would love to hear [it] first…anyone can flop.”

But, he knows it’s unlikely that this record will disappoint.

“I definitely think that this collaboration makes sense and can’t wait to hear it. Three different generation artists together bring three different generation listeners…[I’m a] big Raekwon fan, I see Bieber’s hustle and whatever Kanye touches is usually spectacular!”