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Justin Bieber – LOVE ME [Music Video]

me and my buddy Alfredo Flores made this video for LOVE ME (from MY WORLD pt 1) to say thank you to all the fans for the amazing support they have given me around the world. Just a fun behind the scenes video. Hope you guys like it.
– Justin on Twitter

Oh! I guess this must be the music video he was talking about from My World 1.0.

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  • BieberLoverr3194

    dayyyumm that is pretty legittt. i LOVE it his smile is sooo effing hott <3

  • Anonymous

    OMG he so damn hot n cute here i luvv the endin from 3:00 till the end he i sooo cute 🙂 i luv him he is awsome


  • hi justin bieber am craing be causes i mess u i don’t see u. Do u wunt to dant me i love u