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Pictures of Justin Bieber at Toronto Concert Aug 21, 2010

justin bieber jessica jarrell 05
Justin Bieber gets close with his tour mate Jessica Jarrell as they perform during his My World Tour at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on Saturday night (August 21).

The duo performed “Overboard” on stage where they were seen holding hands, hugging and getting very close to a kiss.

Justin tweeted just this afternoon about performing at Air Canada Centre, “Not gonna lie…I’m tired but just HYPED right now!! Freakin ACC tonight!! WOW!! THANK U THANK U THANK U!! WOW. 3 years ago I was on the side of the street busking in Stratford for anyone who would listen….2nite we sold out the ACC!! NEVER SAY NEVER!”

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  • Anonymous

    a little close there….:( does he like her!!!!

    • thats wierd cause she black

  • Anonymous

    I think they are going out

  • Zarah

    ..i think their just acting the part…im sure their purely friends…praying 5 rosaries and 3 novinas ryt now…lol

  • Anonymous

    well maybe they are supposed to sing the song like very dramtically.but still they r all over eachother.and were sooo close to a kiss.and hug alot.:( shes sooo lucky. do you think they r going out?

  • megan

    no they do that every concert.
    justins single.
    there good friends cuz there always together cuz of the tour.
    (; im pretty jealous of her tho.

  • Anonymous

    No hes not dating jessica but rumor has it that hes dating jasmine villegas(baby music video)

  • Anonymous

    jessica jarell is dating diggy simmons not justin

    • Anonymous

      I think there going out