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The Show Must Go On

JB battled through a mystery illness to perform a show on Wednesday night (04Aug10) – then thanked fans for inspiring him to finish the concert.

The Baby hitmaker suddenly felt unwell midway through a gig in Orlando, Florida and aides advised him to quit his set early.

But the singer bravely soldiered on – and after departing the stage he took to his page on microblogging website Twitter.com to thank supporters for helping him through the show.

He writes, “Orlando that was a crazy night… I actually got sick in the middle of the show and they wanted to cancel but the show must go on and the fans gave me my second wind… So thank u to everyone for being so incredible tonight.”


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  • deasha

    mybe the 'bieberfever' finally get him..hope he get well soon..;)

  • Anonymous

    awww hes so sweet to do the concert when hes sick! hope he gets better!! <3<3<3