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Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas was spotted again!!

Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas spotted at Venice Beach Dairy Queen

VENICE BEACH, California – One of the most popular young teen singers in the world Justin Bieber and his new BFF Jasmine Villegas were spotted having ice cream cones at a Dairy Queen Ice Cream Parlor in Venice Beach.

The two teens could be seen having a great time as they took turns licking each others ice cream scoops.

Justin was eating a pralines and cream ice cream cone and Jasmine was eating a strawberry pistachio mixed with walnuts, Brazil nuts, and Frosted Flakes ice cream cone.

A young married couple who was sitting in the next booth, Chucky and Penelope Flappingwood of Reno, Nevada, said that they could overhear everything that the young couple was saying.

Chucky, who owns a skateboard repair shop in Reno, said that he heard Justin tell Jasmine that she is one of the prettiest girls that he has seen in about five weeks.

Penelope added that she saw Jasmine reach over and give Justin a kiss and as she did one of her three scoops fell off the cone and landed on Justin’s lap.

He kind of screamed, but not in a girlish way. It was more like a guy would do when taking a real hard swing at a baseball.

Jasmine quickly reached over and picked up the ice cream scoop and put it back on the cone but in the process one of Justin’s scoops fell off its cone and landed inside of Jasmine’s halter top.

The 17 people that were watching suddenly heaved a collective “Ahhhhh.”

Justin, being the gentleman that he is reached in and retrieved the wayward scoop and put it back on top of his ice cream cone.

The manager, Robin “The Snowman” Fillapenski, walked over and asked if they would like to get two brand new, cleaner ice cream cones and scoops.

Justin smiled and said, “Nah, I think that we both better quit while we’re ahead.” As Fillapenski left, Penelope said she heard Justin tell Jasmine that little does anyone know that she is the only girl who has ever kissed his belly’s bird tattoo…three times.

In a related story. Justin says that he and Jasmine have been asked to recreate their DQ incident in a commercial for Dairy Queen.


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  • Daisy

    Yes it's a fake story. lol

    I had a good laugh while reading it and hope you did too. :p

    • lol:)

      ya that was kinda the dumbest story…and y would the ppl tell their names and where they were from…?

  • Anonymous

    u know what daisy ??! i am not just laugh .. rite now im falling on my own chair haha it SO FUNNY ! XD


  • Caitlin

    oh it's fake 🙂 thank God lol I'm still shaking from shock

    • Anonymous

      yeah i no if that was true wow he is a cheater

  • Anonymous


  • Serena

    Daisy you scared me to death! I almost started crying..

  • Anonymous

    i think jasmine saw the camera! o_O

  • Hello justin im one of ur awseme fans please txt me or call nd dont call RESTRICTED please nd thanks;)

  • aurellia

    OMG!! I’m really jealous.. I hope that was me… Huff.. I was cry in my bedroom when I saw justin bieber and selena gomez photos… That’s shocking me..