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Justin Bieber having a mental breakdown!! Losing weight & exhausted

Justin Bieber having a mental breakdown!! Losing weight & exhausted
Justin Bieber is allegedly on the brink of having a ‘mental breakdown’ after claims that he is finding it hard to deal with the pressures of fame and his hectic work schedule.

Reports suggest that the 16-year old singing sensation lost over 10 pounds in weight and even collapsed at a gig last month after suffering from ‘exhaustion.’

According to the National Enquirer, the Somebody To Love star cancelled an appearance at the New York State Fair in August because he was so ill, he passed out beforehand.

A source told the publication: “Justin couldn’t go on. He hit the bed and virtually passed out. I think he was wiped out physically and mentally. He crashed. The vicious work treadmill finally caught up with Justin the night he cancelled.”

They continued: “He gives every show his all, but he suddenly got light-headed and very woozy.He had to go to bed because he felt dizzy. The kid is seriously fatigued”

Despite claims that Justin pulled-out of the show because he was ‘super-sick’, the insider added that the teenager needs a ‘proper break’ from work in order to make a full recovery.

They explained: “Justin puts on a brave front for the cameras, but he’s still weak, and doctors insist that he rest more or else he risks another collapse.”

“But he can’t – or won’t – because he doesn’t want to disappoint his mom, his manager or his fans.”

Regardless of the fears for his health, Justin has expressed his excitement at making his debut at the VMAs on Sunday.

The One Time hitmaker took to Twitter, telling his followers: “Off to rehearsal for the VMA’s!! We are almost there…just 4 Days now!!!”

He later added: “Hyped about this VMA performance….gonna be sick!!!”


omg I hope he’s ok. Rest if you need to rest!!

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  • Anonymous

    i hope hes ok!!!!!!! he really needs to rest so he doesnt get REALLY ill!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think you got the 'sick' that he said, wrong. Maybe he means 'sick' like 'These shoes are sick!' Not 'I am sick today… :('

  • Dempsey

    Awww poor guy 🙁 I hope he gets does make a full recovery. I think hes amazing the way he has already been so strong under that much craziness and exhaustion hes so amazing! If that were me Id have passed out looong ago!

  • Anonymous

    reading this literally made me want to cry 🙁 i hope he feels better and just takes a break.

  • Anonymous

    he is really sick, i am really getting worried about him,he needs to slow down! this is the prayer i say for him every night:

    "dear lord,please help justin and send angels down to put a protective blanket over him and keep and make sure he gets better and stays the happy,bubbly,funy justin that all the belibers love about him!:) this is the prayer i always say before i go to bed! i hope you do to!-godbless jayden

  • Anonymous

    he should take a break because it can ruin his health and that is always a first priority not fans sorry but its true. take a break justin you could use it you have worked so hard and im sure ur fans and I will understand and be there to support you. 🙂 who agrees

  • Anonymous

    i cant believe 2 people put this as funny and 3 put it at cool

  • Anonymous

    awwwwwieee hopee he feels better !<3

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