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Justin Bieber trying to attract more cougars

Who is this businessman?
Justin Bieber trying to attract more cougars 1
And why is he so shy?….
Baby Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber kissing girlfriend 2010

Aww it’s just Justin trying to attract more cougars fans!

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  • THE.biggest.Belieber

    hes adorbs….he sooo liek him…so funny and lols..plain adorable!

  • haha he looks funny

  • Ti Ti

    Haha. Lol. Cant stop laughing. 😀

  • Gaige



    what happened to that justin i want to know

    • Selena happened

      • bieberlover

        rofl…so true

  • Hannah

    my moms friend is a belieber after she watched NSN:D shes 31

    • Patricia

      haha same like me. Im 32 and have been a belieber since 2010. Biebs has fans of all ages 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I miss him and his hair like this 🙁

  • mary

    Justin are you having a boner?? You probably saw me. ehehehhe His hair style looks the same from 2009/10. He is sooo amazingly hot. Someone just kill me. Seriously!!

  • hey who is this i want to kiss justin bieber so bad

  • random

    he looks like a geek! but even as a geek he still looks soooooooooooo hot! 🙂 lol

  • cougar

    I’m a cougar and i like him swaggy.