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Justin Bieber’s CSI Clip #1

Awww, I so wanna pinch his cheeks.

What do you think of his acting? Good? Bad?

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  • Anonymous

    i think its good!

  • BieberLoverr3194


  • Dempsey

    ummm its hard to tell from this clip, but idk he doesnt seem that great but hes not awful so….yah but he might turn out to be really good we will have to wait and see

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    when is this coming on tv?????

  • Stephanie

    Agree with Dempsey. The clip is too short for me to know if he acts good or not. But so far… he's not that great but also isn't bad at it. And is it just me or is his voice deeper here? O.o

  • Daisy


    Sept 23

  • Zarah

    ..he has skill but kinda rough around the edges..only a tiny bit rough!…but thats so good for someone's first time acting!!..