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The Pranster Gets Pranked

Justin Bieber was pranked at his concert last night when he came out on stage with a bouquet of flowers expecting to see a female Bieber fan waiting for him to serenade with his song “One Less Lonely Girl,” but instead Justin found someone else waiting for him!!!

Justin took to Twitter to laugh about the prank:

They got me good 2nite….they got me good. wow. haha all smiles over here…great way to end the first leg of the tour…but man they got me tonight. cant help but smile and laugh. it was a good one. the prankster got pranked. anyone got video of it? so not cool. haha. so got me. i was like what the?? lol. need to see video. good one guys…good one.


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  • Samantha /roy

    that is so funny Justin Got prank hahahahaha