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In Defense of Justin Bieber

In Defense of Justin Bieber

Why does it seem like the whole world hates Justin Bieber? It is strange to me that this harmless teenager, widely acknowledged to look like either a Labrador retriever or a lesbian, commands enough hatred that Twitter and 4chan have wished him upon North Korea. Here are a few reasons that he does not deserve your hatred.

He is respected by the industry.

Bieber is the only person out of all 200 million Twitter users that Kanye West follows. Usher signed him while Justin Timberlake was trying to do so. Other celebrities who have embraced the young man include Kim Kardashian and Oscar nominee Gabourey Sidibe.

He made fun of himself.

Numerous other teenage stars suffer from “serious syndrome,” where, despite the fact that they star in mediocre programs on the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon, they believe they are legitimate dramatic actors. Miley Cyrus seems especially desperate for an Oscar she will never receive. Justin Bieber suffers no such delusion. On “Saturday Night Live,” Bieber fully embraced and parodied his 4-year-old looks and ridiculous hairstyle. And in an interview with Chelsea Handler, he went along with the multiple jokes she made at his expense rather than try to get her to take him seriously. It is refreshing to see him so comfortable with his celebrity status at such a young age.

He is not a bad role model for boys.

Most of his songs are about monogamy. He did not have to “slut it up” to transform from an awkward boy throwing a party at Usher’s house to a young man holding his own alongside Usher. He thanks his fans at every opportunity. Most of his songs are impossibly hopeful and encourage the romantic side of young love, rather than the current hook-up culture.

He is actually talented.

While you may not like his voice, the boy does have some vocal chops (whether they last through puberty is still to be seen). At the VMAs, he was not noticeably out of tune, which is more than can be said about Taylor Swift’s tone-deaf train wreck. He also danced and played the drums. The only awkward thing about his set was that his backup dancers were twice his size.

He is here to stay.

Like him or not, the music industry has embraced Bieber, who has a VMA win and Juno and BET nominations under his belt. Bieber was the first solo artist in Billboard history to have at least four singles enter the Top 40 before his album debuted. He has already released two Top 5 albums. So rather than focusing all your energies against a 16-year-old kid who looks like he’s 12, give in to Bieber Fever. It’s harmless.


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  • Dempsey

    These are good reasons!!!

  • Anonymous

    Shutafuckuppp about miley, she's the most wonderful girl on the whole planet !!

  • Tom

    The reason sites like 4chan go after Justin Bieber is incredibly simple, they get a rise. Trolling you guys is so incredibly easy. For example a sentence like the last one probably irritated you, oh shi- Anyway, basically it takes a troll all of one poorly constructed line e.g:

    "I hate Justin Bieber, her music is awful!"

    And you're sure to illicit responses that range from the careful considered ones like the original post to retaliations that are as equally childish as the comment itself "ur jst JEAOLOUSUUUSUS!". If you don't feed the trolls, they'll go away, it really is that simple.