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JB’s book is officially on the NYTimes Best Seller’s List

Justin Bieber fans are at it again. This time, putting the pop-stars book, First Step 2 Forever, on the NY Times best seller list. Bieber tweeted, “Just got great news…thanks to your support…the book First Step 2 Forever is OFFICIALLY a NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER!!! WOW!! Thank u!

The book, which chronicles Biebers jet-setting lifestyle, his road to stardom, and personal anecdotes about his best friends and family hit bookstores earlier this month. Published by HarperCollins, Biebers’s musings also include juicy bits about his love life, including his history with girls and his first, undoubtedly censored, date.

The ever grateful Bieber continued with his tweeting, “honestly no lie…all your support goes a long way. means alot. I love what i do and thank u for believing.”

That’s our Bieber!


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