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Justin Bieber on vacation in Hawaii

Justin Bieber buys ice cream during Hawaiian vacation

My very good friend (Alex) works at Cold Stone in Hawaii and guess who dropped by during her shift? Bieber came in for some ice cream.

Thanks Shawn for the candid picture.

Since I posted that I guess I might as well post this. It’s JB and Caitlin on the beach in Hawaii.

justin bieber caitlin beadles hawaii vacation

And Pattie seems to be enjoying her time too…

justin biebers mom on hawaii vacation pattie lynn mallette
Sipping Pina Coladas on the beach in Hawaii!! Mmmmmm.

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  • Anonymous

    Caitlin is in Canada and so is her bro 😉 i dont have proof of it but lol. but i don't think that is Caitlin = its just someone's hair

  • Anonymous

    ..nooo justin met caitlin and christian in atlanta ..and i dunno if thats her..

  • Anonymous

    i really don't think that is her

    • Jolly

      in the photo where pattie is drinking a pina colada its funny cuz my nan did exactly the same thing several yrs ago at the same hotel lol {that hotel for ur info is pretty crap}

  • Anonymous

    um no darl. this photo was taken in the bahamas when they were together, i saw this photo like 3 months ago. i really think you should update yourself… your sources arent very reliable.

  • Dempsey

    ^^^^ this might have been a mistake about the photo but her sources are actually VERY reliable, much better than all the other JB fan sites

  • JB, young kid enjoying life…..,? hmmmm….

  • holit

    aww that good i like it 😉