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Justin Bieber will collaborate with Diggy Simmons and Lil Twist

The blogosphere almost immediately began pitting teen pop sensation Justin Bieber against teen rap upstart, and Run DMC legend Rev. Run‘s son, Diggy Simmons against each other when Bieber unleashed his “Speaking In Tongues” freestyle this morning. But there’s no need to create negative competition between the two. Not only are Bieber and Simmons friends and shared the stage in concert in the past, they’re working on a new song together.

Producer Boi-1da, known for producing multiple tracks for Drake (“Best I Ever Had,” “Over,” “Forever” to name a few) and Eminem‘s “Not Afraid,” dropped the deets to Neon Limelight in a telephone interview yesterday (October 13).

After clearing up rumors that he was working with the Jonas Brothers (he hasn’t yet, but he’d love to. “I’d never be appalled to work with Jonas Brothers. They’re huge and they make good music,” he told us), the Toronto-based producer revealed that after tackling rap and R&B beats, he wants to take on pop. “I have some stuff in the works,” he said. “I’m actually working on a song with Diggy Simmons and Justin Bieber. It’s going to be crazy.”

Other details on the track — where it will appear, the title, etc. — are still being decided.
Diggy isn’t the only teen rapper Bieber is trying to gain more street cred from. According to VIBE.com, he’s also working on a joint mixtape with Young Money’s Lil Twist. That should definitely be enough to quiet the teen beef instigators for awhile.


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