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Name Justin Bieber’s New Movie Title Game

Name Justin Bieber3D Movie Title Game

Alright guys, this is a JBShrine exclusive.

The title of Justin’s new movie is supposed to be a big secret but an inside source has told me what it is.

But instead of just announcing it we’ll make a game out of it……

So this is how it goes: Every few hours I will reveal a clue and within the next 24 hours if nobody can guess the title of the movie then I will announce it. The first person to guess correctly wins a brand new car. I’m not kidding this time.

So here’s the first clue:

1. You guys are all familiar with the title of this movie.
(Yah kinda vague but I’m sure someone will get it as more clues are given.)

2. The title says that “anything can happen”.
ps. If you take a guess then leave your name in the comment so we know who to send the car to.

Wow, Stalkerish Steph got it in 2 clues. Good job. The title is “Never Say Never 3D”