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Jeremy Bieber’s exclusive interview with Inside Edition

Jeremy Bieber exclusive interview with Inside Edition

Teen idol Justin Bieber stirs up a frenzy wherever he goes.

It’s hard to believe that just two years ago Justin was a regular kid growing up in a town in Canada, but there’s one guy who says he always knew Justin would be a star.

“I’m not surprised at all; once he went at this, I knew he was going to be great,” says Jeremy Bieber, Justin’s dad.

The proud father is speaking for the first time, only on INSIDE EDITION. He gave our Megan Alexander a personal tour of Justin’s old haunts.

Justin came from humble beginnings. His parents were high school sweethearts. His dad was just 22 years old when Justin was born, and he works as a carpenter.

As early as age 8, Justin would perform on steps with his guitar and drums playing his original songs for anyone who would listen. The tips were pretty good; one year he made enough money to take his mom on vacation!

But it wasn’t those performances that would launch his career. Justin was discovered via YouTube! He had posted videos he made for his grandmother, and they were seen by a talent scout and singer Usher. The rest is history.

“I never thought anything of it, in fact I wasn’t even so much aware of it, it was something he just did in his spare time,” says Jeremy.

The small town boy with the mop-top haircut became an overnight sensation.

“In two short years, from YouTube video to superstardom, does that just amaze you?” INSIDE EDITION’s Megan Alexander asks him.

“It seems so normal because he’s just been so good at everything he’s done, he’s been such a good boy all around, I mean it sounds like a fairytale and I may be biased because I’m his dad but he’s just been so amazing,” Jeremy says.

But there are downsides to fame too. Earlier this year, police were called after a 12-year-old boy claimed Justin shoved him during a laser tag game near Vancouver.

Jeremy was there. “Right away everybody noticed him and knew who he was”

Justin was never charged, and Jeremy says the incident was blown out of proportion. But now they are more careful where they go.

He says, “We just can’t do that anymore, unfortunately, unless we rent out the whole place out and just invite his friends.”

Do you miss the old days, when Justin was just a regular kid?” Alexander asks.

“I definitely miss that,” says Jeremy.


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  • Anonymous

    take the hat off dead beat dad….wrong OC spot to hang in will get you jacked up too lord blubber hole

  • Jay

    take the hat off dead beat dad….wrong OC spot to hang in will get you jacked up too lord blubber hole