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Justin Bieber had to go pee

Justin Bieber spent a large portion of his Halloween signing books for adoring fans at The Grove in Los Angeles, but it appears the singer did not set aside enough “me” time.

Seen here, the heartthrob is escaping the shopping center with hand-in-crotch on his way to an awaiting limousine. At one point, Biebs felt he needed to bring a second hand into the mix.

Click here to see more pics from Celebuzz.

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  • Anonymous

    why dose’t go pee

    • courtney

      cause he can’t he has to get a way from all his fans and find a bathroom so that he can go pee.

      • Anonymous

        hi justin plz cntect me plzzzzzzzzzz

      • Destiny bieber

        Justin you are so cute and I love you can you plz come to Breckinridge MN elimentry school and have a concert Plz when you get done wit your tour

  • AB!!!!

    HE DOESNT HAVE to GOD dont u ever itch!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    go pee

  • everyone pee’s jeezz.

  • courtneyluvsJB

    or did they tell him to get into the car quick. and maybe he had an itch. and us beliebers know he does that, itss part oof his swag 🙂

  • courtney

    i love justin bieber we are going to get married and stay together for ever and ever and ever love ya justy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Jazzyyy

    Aw poor Justin!<3

  • Katie

    well this irrelevant information

  • filza

    lol he still looked so cute

    • ariana

      exactly whether he had to pee or not

  • Dazza

    Isn’t this article from ageesss ago. i remember reading this some time ago. haha. he looked s ocute back then 🙂

  • natbeliebs

    I totally understand how they were feeling. lol. i did the same thing when i saw him

  • Danielle

    He’s not making those faces in the video… :/

  • Anonymous


    i dare you to poast a pic . on the internet of you peaing in public

    DO IT NOW OR I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I MEAN IT NOT KIDDING

  • Carlyssuperbeast

    Wow he was like man i gotta pee then the guys were like run to the car justin its fan crazed girls, he prob wouldnt have made it cuz they had to drive super oober slow because of all the pople in the way