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Johnny Depp has Bieber Fever also

Johnny Depp also has Bieber Fever

Who would have guessed Captain Jack Sparrow is a Bieber fan! That’s what RadarOnline.com learned Saturday night after catching Johnny Depp at a Justin Bieber concert.

The Biebs performed for a sell-out crowd at the American Airlines Arena near Miami Saturday night, and we spotted both Depp and Justin’s good friend Selena Gomez in the crowd.

Johnny attempted to sneak out a back stage door after the show, but The Tourist star’s secret is out. He officially has Bieber fever!

Selena Gomez was escorted back to Justin’s bus post-show, and she gave him a warm, congratulatory hug as soon as he hopped on.

As RadarOnline.com has been reporting, Justin and Selena have been hanging out together. We saw them Saturday morning as they took a leisurely stroll near their South Beach hotel.

Selena insists the two are just friends, but now that he has Johnny Depp in his corner, who knows what may develop next!