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Justin Bieber LOVE Magazine Coverboy

Justin Bieber LOVE Magazine Cover 2011

We Love Justin Bieber’s LOVE Cover

We normally rag on fashion magazines for making people look too naked or too thin or too cartoonish. But Justin Bieber’s cover for LOVE magazine is so refreshingly real that we can’t help but laud it.

Terry Richardson’s straight-on portrait of the teenage pop sensation is just so simple and direct — and its simplicity and directness invites a ton of contemplation. Look. This is Justin Bieber. He is the world’s most famous teenager. Is he starting to get bags under his eyes? Does he know he looks like a girl? He is on the cover of the Androgyny issue, after all. Does he want us to send him a tube of Chapstick? What DOES he want?

We don’t know. But we do know that this cover is one of the best we’ve seen so far this year.


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  • i love justin bieber so much, i went to his sheffiled world tour last night! he is amazing! he’s such an inspriration his concert was the most best experience of my life! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx