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Awkward Justin Bieber interview at the 2011 Brit Awards by Peter Andre

Talk about awkward.

Peter Andre was interviewing JB on the red carpet at the Brit Awards for Live TV in the UK and made a blunder that JB was a presenter when in fact he was there only as a nominee (and eventual winner). If aking that mistake wasn’t awkward enough, he then pressed Justin to do some moves for him. Justin wasn’t having it and kept insisting “not on carpet”.

I’m sure Justin would have done it on carpet. C’mon this is Justin we’re talking about. But this wasn’t the place. You can’t blame him. He was all dressed up in a tux and all on the red carpet. Would you ask Britney to get down on the red carpet?

The thing that I did catch was how seasoned Justin is at doing interviews. You can tell he’s clearly annoyed but his experience and professionalism allowed him to carry on with the conversation as if nothing happened.

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  • nathalie

    i love and i have got posters all over my wall of you xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Anam Naz

    justin you have done great job…..we love you alwayes………….