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Justin Bieber CSI: Here Today, Gun Tomorrow

A lot of times in Hollywood a movie is edited wrong but the mistake is so minor you usually watch the movie without noticing a thing. Here are some examples of editing mistakes from some of the biggest movies in history….

Let’s see how good you are at spotting the same type of mistake made in Justin’s most recent appearance on CSI. Below is a video of his scenes. Fast forward to 5:35 to the dreaded scene where Justin is shot and killed.

Pay close attention to see if you can spot the mistake. Once you think you know it scroll down and read below to see if you’re correct.

Do not look down here until you’ve spot the mistake or you give up….


Yup, it’s the gun. He has the gun in his hand right before he gets shot. The gun is gone at the moment he is shot. And it suddenly appears again after he’s shot.

This post was brought to you by Natasha. Some of you might remember her as the person who made the Somebody To Love 3D music video. Go check it out.

Thanks Nat! I have only one word for you —-> STALKER!!

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  • chantelle

    justin bieber is a hottie but u made him die in csi not goood my baby i cried :'(

  • la la la

    I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! That gey pearson gets shot !!!!!!!!
    By the way what was the episode called????
    thx 4 ur answer

    • Anonymous

      its called here today gun tomorrow

  • Reem

    Omg that

  • stephanie

    i dide’nt love it!! but it was funn, i like justin. but one thing, i know him and he is not so bad ass any people say§!

  • Kaykay

    Omg whenever I see this scene I cry!!

  • Son starts to cry

    MOM: Wants wrong?

    SON: They killed Bieber!

    MOM: It’s alright that wasn’t real!

    SON: That’s why I’m crying!

    • Candy


      • seni seviyorum justin!

        not funny at all.

  • Candy


  • HI justin what’s up 😀 i love you justin bieber ist SWEET

  • Ayesha

    waaaaahhhhhh justinnnnnnnn
    ok if this were real justin could at least aim and hit the other guy