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Justin Bieber New Haircut 2011: Do You Dig The Biebs’ New Hairdo?


Justin Bieber's new haircut

Justin Bieber shocked the world today as he chopped up his signature ‘do! Some may be in mourning over his lessening of locks, while others may be celebrating the fresh look — We can see his those big brown puppy dog eyes! So we want to know, are you a Belieber in the JB 2011 ‘do?

JB finally Tweeted to fans tonight, confirming his decision to cut!

“yeah so it’s true…i got a lil haircut…i like it…and we are giving all the hair cut to CHARITY to auction. Details coming soon” he Tweeted.

Looks like one lucky Belieber will get to own the 16-year-old pop singing sensation’s coveted locks.

His hairstylist, Vanessa Price Tweeted, “Ladies and gentlemen…@justinbieber 2011!!” with a picture of her masterpiece!

Vanessa is the only one allowed to touch the sacred Bieber mane.

JB told TMZ Live today that the monumental cut marked a “kind of a mature look.”

Source: Ok! Magazine

More pictures of Justin’s new hair at TMZ.

My personal opinion, I really like it. It’s definitely going to take some getting use to, especially the fact that he won’t be shaking his hair ever 5 seconds, but it looks good:) Makes him look more mature :p – Ash

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